Your allergy consultation explained

There is more to solving your problem than performing an allergy test.  Below is a summary of what may happen during a standard consultation.

We listen: how did that rash or runny nose or wheeze or whatever, start? What makes it worse…or better? What treatments have you been offered or tried? Did they work?

We examine: the itchy rash that has you scratching day and night may be linked to the blocked and stuffy nose you’ve noticed recently. Your child’s asthma may be triggered by that ‘head cold’ she gets every month.

We may use fiberoptics: to examine the inside of nose and sinuses, even areas at the back of the throat, right down to the tonsils and vocal cords.

What we test with: we use only approved extracts. All allergy material is imported direct from Bio-Diagnostics UK and Greer Laboratories USA.

What we test for: common inhaled allergy substances such as dust mite, grass pollens, dog hair, cat hair, and horsehair. We also test for a wide range of foods (N.B. if there is a specific food you believe you or your child has reacted to please let us know in advance. Sometimes we use fresh food rather than test extract.)

We explain: over and above telling you what (or what not) you are allergic to we try and help you understand the link between the test result and your problem. This is of particular importance when nothing shows on testing. Not every rash, headache, joint pain, runny nose or cough is due to allergy.

Helpful information leaflets: most patients cannot remember more than about 20% of conversation during a medical consultation. To help you recall the most important points we provide information leaflets, explaining test results and what therapy has been recommended.

Please note that a negative test is as important as a positive one. A negative result allows the treating doctor choose an appropriate management course for your condition.