Clinically proven phototherapy for nasal/sinus allergy

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Welcome to Allergy Ireland

Allergy services at Slievemore Clinic began as a part-time facility in 1984.  
Almost 40 years later, Allergy Ireland has evolved into the most highly specialised and resourced allergy clinic in Ireland. Our doctors use advanced flexible fiberoptics and comprehensive allergy testing in combination with the latest anti-allergy treatments, Immunotherapy and Rhinolight.  Read On 

Food Allergies

What We Offer

allergy consultation, testing and treatment

Allergy Testing

We can test for up to 48 different allergy triggers. This includes the environmental (airborne) allergens and up to 24 food type allergies.

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Hay Fever

An under-treated source of seasonal misery that is increasingly prevalent in Ireland. Read on for the latest helpful treatment tips and a direct link to the Asthma Society of Ireland's Pollen Tracker. 

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Affecting as many as 25% of the population. It causes headache, facial pain and even loss of the senses of smell and taste. Fortunately, there are very effective treatments available.

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Rhinolight provides a highly effective drug free treatment option for nose and sinus allergy sufferers.

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In the Media

Allergy Ireland

Allergy Ireland's latest media interviews and publications.

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How does Rhinolight work?

Phototherapy is a well established and effective treatment option for skin conditions such as psoriasis, lichen planus and eczema. Rhinolight delivers phototherapy endo-nasally and is highly effective at treating Allergic Rhinitis symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion and blockage.

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