Fee Structure


Allergy testing

  • Inhalant (breathe-in) allergens: dust mites, feathers, cat hair, dog hair, horse hair, tree pollen mix, silver birch pollen, timothy grass pollen (gives hay fever) and cladasporium mold.
  • Foods: milk, egg, wheat, soya, potato, oranges, chocolate and tomato.
  • Nuts (only tested where appropriate):  peanuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, sesame, pine nut, pistachio nut, pecan nut, cashew nut. 
  • Fish (only tested where appropriate):  cod fish, mackerel, salmon, tuna, shrimp, lobster, crab, clam. 

Results within 15 – 20 minutes.

€300 (2 patients €380)
We can accommodate two patients from the same family on the same day but this must be booked in advance so extra time is allowed.

You will be asked for a deposit of €50 to secure any appointment.  Failure to pay the deposit means we assume you no longer wish to attend the clinic and that appointment will be offered to someone else.

please note any follow up consultations, fee is €100 ( €140 for two patients at the same time)

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Rhinolight® treatment fees

Rhinolight therapy now costs less!

Having successfully negotiated a much cheaper insurance package for Rhinolight therapy we can pass this saving on to our patients.  From Nov 1st 2017 Rhinolight will cost €100 per session (down from €140).  Book and pay for 6 up front and get a €50 reduction.  Book and pay for 8 sessions up front and get €50 reduction.

The options are to pay-as-you-go (€100 each treatment session) or buy and pay at time of booking for a package of 6 or 8 treatments.  Reduced price packages MUST be paid for at time of booking.  The minimum number of Rhinolight® treatments is 6.

  • 1 treatment costs €100
  • 6 treatments cost either €100 ‘pay-as-you-go’ (total cost €600) or the 6 treatment ‘pay-at-time-of-booking package of €550.
  • 8 treatments cost either €100 pay-as-you-go’ (total cost €800) or the 8 treatment ‘pay-at-time-of-booking package of €750

As a guide: 6 treatments would be advised for the seasonal allergy hay fever while 8 treatments would be recommended where there are all-year-round symptoms such as occurs with allergy to dust mite and pollens (this includes animal hair allergy).

I recognise this is not cheap but in the long term there should be significant savings on prescribed and across-the-counter medicines and doctors’ visits fees.  More importantly, there should be a significant improvement in your (or your child’s) quality of life (and without drugs!).

Is Rhinolight® treatment covered by any health insurance company such as VHI, Laya, Glo-Health, Garda Medical Aid or ESB scheme? 
No. Unfortunately none of these companies will reimburse for allergy testing or treatments, including Rhinolight® therapy.  I am making representations on this but at present there is no cover.  Keep all receipts for your treatments as you will get a reimbursement for each one and the rest can be claimed against tax on a Med 1 form.

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For appointments contact 353-1-2000500. E-mail allergyireland@slievemore-clinic.com or fax 353-1-2101564.