Fee Structure


Comprehensive Allergy Testing with Doctor Consultation

  • €300
  • €450 for 2 family members together - this only applies to parents and children under 18 years. This must be booked in advance so that additional time is allowed.

Patch Testing (for contact dermatitis)

  • €200

Follow up review consultation with Doctor

  • €100
  • €160 for 2 family members together.

Skin Prick Allergy Testing alone (without Doctor Consultation)

  • €150

A deposit of €50 to required to secure an appointment.  Failure to pay the deposit means we assume you no longer wish to attend the clinic and that appointment will be offered to someone else.

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Rhinolight® treatment fees

The options are to pay-as-you-go (€100 each treatment session) or pay in full at time of booking for a package of 6 or 8 treatments. The minimum number of Rhinolight® treatments is 6.

  • 1 treatment session: €100
  • 6 treatments sessions: €100 per session (total cost €600) or €550 if paid in full at time of booking.
  • 8 treatments sessions: €100 per session (total cost €800) or €750 if paid in full at time of booking.

For more information on Rhinolight® click here 

Is allergy testing and treatment covered by my health insurance?  

Depending on your policy, some insurers may cover your consultation fees or part of them. Unfortunately, you will not be specifically reimbursed for allergy testing or treatments such as Rhinolight.

For any part of your expenses not covered by your insurer, you should be able to claim against tax through Revenue Online (ROS) or myAccount.