Allergy Testing

We can test for up to 50 different allergy triggers. This includes the environmental (breathe-in) allergens such as dust mites, pollens and animal hair. Worried you may have some type of food allergy? We can test for 40 different foods. Find out more…

Hay Fever App

Download the Hay Fever Relief App to take control of your hay fever this summer. Find out more…

Nose & Sinus Allergy Triggering Asthma

View this short clip commissioned from Dr Carson by the Irish Lung Foundation explaining the link between nose/sinus allergy and asthma.


An increasingly important health problem, affecting as many as 25% of the population. It causes much misery and exhaustion, with headache, facial pain and even loss of the senses of smell and taste. Don’t put up with it, get help. Find out more…

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